Ultimate Finance Tracker
Ultimate Finance Tracker
Ultimate Finance Tracker
Ultimate Finance Tracker
Ultimate Finance Tracker

Ultimate Finance Tracker

Completely Automate your finances' management at 360 ° with Notion

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Ultimate Finance Tracker

Ultimate Finance Tracker

Product description

Organise your Finances

How it's difficult to track all the daily, monthly and yearly transactions? .... let me tell it for you: A LOT. That's why I decided to create this full automated Finance Tracker.

The entire system is based on a unique big database with many formulas which allow you to add a transaction and automatically calculate the new balance in your bank account section. You just need to add a Transaction (in/out), select the payment/revenue method, and your bank account balance will be automatically updated.

There is also an Investment section which allow you to track your savings and investents. A Wish List section with an intelligent progress bar based on the money allocated to that product to display you how many money you need to buy that product. A Credit Card section were you can see all the transaction made with them, all connected with the bank account to connect your money everywhere you use them.

Then you'll find two gallery views where you can track your month / year (sum of all the month results) taxes, expenses divided by category, invested money and many other things. I created an example template for September where I let you watch how does it work.

In this dashboard you will find:

✔️ Unique related Database:

✔️ Credit Cards

✔️ Bank Account

✔️ Transactions

✔️ Investments

✔️ Cash Wallet

✔️ Wish List

✔️ Month / Year prospect balance to track (taxes, income (from...), expenses (grouped by...)


✔️ Complete User Guide

✔️ Video Guide

✔️ 10 + pre-compiled Templates for transaction type

✔️ 25 + between formulas, relations and rollups

✔️ Minimal style

✔️ EXTREME Simplicity of use

✉️ FAQs & Contacts

Email me here: iamdave.business@gmail.com

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