Spaced repetition Notion system on laptop.
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Spaced Repetition Notion System

A simple and automatic spaced repetition template to boost your studies.
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Spaced repetition Notion system on laptop.

Spaced Repetition Notion System


Spaced repetition is a memory technique that involves reviewing and recalling information at optimal spacing intervals until the information is learned at a sufficient level.

This technique helps your brain remember more information as it keeps the material fresh in your mind and forces you to use active recall.

Spaced repetition can be applied to any form of education from grade school math problems all the way up to graduate computer algorithms.

Spaced repetition is extremely effective in improving long-term memory recall when compared to other study methods such as rote learning and cramming before exams (repetition without spacing).

It also increases the chance of an individual acquiring knowledge that is transferable to other contexts, and it reduces the overall amount of time spent on study sessions.

This is a simple and automatic spaced repetition template to boost your studies.

What is a Notion template?

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Date Published: Feb 20, 2022