Notion Illustration Business Set
Notion Illustration Business Set
Notion Illustration Business Set

Notion Illustration Business Set

12 Minimal Business themed Notion-style Illustrations for professionals and businesses who love

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License: Commercial License
Commercial License
Personal License
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Product description

What can be done with an idea and a collection of Notion-style illustrations? 🎨

Your imagination is the only limit here, so flex your 21st-century marketing brain.

The possibilities for your marketing material, content, Notion products, and website just reached new limits. 🎉

You can infuse personality and life into your work, and your customers and audience will love it! 

Still not sure if this pack is for you? 

  1. Do you create and sell Notion templates? 
  2. Do you have a Notion website?
  3. Are you a Notion consultant or course creator?
  4. Do you love a clean, minimalist aesthetics in your Notion workspace?

Yes? Then this pack is for you!

This Illustration set features the same premium minimalistic style you love from, but without the 6-figure price-tag.

I've drawn each illustration by hand and recreated in a vector format. Why? So you can use these images and scale them with ease without losing any quality in the process.

Files & Formats

How do I get my files?

Once your payment is processed, you'll have the option to download your illustration pack and license immediately and you'll receive an email with the download link as well.

Can I exchange or receive refunds?

Due to the digital instant nature of the product we don't exchange or give refunds. If you have any problems with your files, please don't hesitate to contact me at the email. 

What if I need a different license?

If you find yourself in need of an upgraded license, please contact us. 

How do I use my illustrations in

You can upload your images from your desktop using the embed image option in Notion or drag and drop it into your page. For page cover images select upload from computer - locate your illustrations - select your image - confirm. You can use the same method to change a page icon into an illustration from the pack.


Personal Use License

You can use your illustrations:

In your personal workspaces, to print for yourself, and on your personal social media accounts.

Commercial Use License - No Attribution Required

You can use the illustrations:

On your website, personal brand and business social media accounts, in Notion-built products and templates, shared Notion workspaces, and on marketing material. No attribution required.