Black and white Notion avatar drawings
Custom Notion Style Avatars
Custom Notion Style Avatars
Custom Notion Style Avatars

Custom Notion Style Avatars

Package: Consultant
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The Ultimate Badge Of Awesomeness For Anyone Who’s Serious About

If you're looking to add that distinctive black and white Notion-style look across your workspace and give your socials that extra edge, you'll love these custom Notion avatars!

Full Access Pass To Instant Community

Getting a Notion avatar is like a 'badge of honour' for many people in the community.

Changing your profile pictures to a Notion avatar does two things:

1) Peaks curiosity for anyone outside the Notion community, getting the people interested in you and what you’re about.

2) Creates instant commoradery with anyone inside the Notion community, connecting you with other users you can get to know and share experiences with.

Being part of the Notion community has endless benefits, so it’s no wonder so many in the community use the unique avatars to broadcast their interest and commitment to the app.

All these new connections make an already strong community stronger and fuel Notion’s continuous growth and upward trajectory!

Build Brand Recognition On A Strong Foundation

The Notion’s minimal art style is so recognisable now making custom personal avatars the perfect way for Notion Consultants, creators, and users to present themselves online.

Notion as a brand is constantly at top of mind seeing so many avatars in your timeline, and it’s a simple way to stand out and be seen by your intended audience.

Building on the trust already created by Notion, creators can grow and gain authority at a speed that would be likely impossible without the jump board.

How Do You Get Your Notion Avatar

  1. Choose a package that fits your design needs
  2. Submit your picture for recreation
  3. Check out and complete purchase
  4. Over to the artist
  5. Within 24hrs I email to confirm your order & request/verify any details for your avatar drawing
  6. Revisions - I send your drawing, you review, and you tell me what I can change to make it perfect for YOU
  7. You: “It’s perfect” - approve your avatar when your happy & receive all the design files included in your package

*Note: I work to get your avatar done and delivered within the period listed for each package, but it can vary depending on factors such as, number of revisions, communication time etc. My first priority is that you’re 100% happy with your personal avatar.

Which Avatar Package Is Right For You

I hand draw each avatar order and then recreate it digitally in vector format to insure a high quality image that can seamlessly integrate into your digital workspaces. This way I ensure everyone will receive a high quality personal avatar.

The differences in each package is targetted at your design, licensing, and delivery needs. Everyone can enjoy the experience of having a custom made Notion-style avatar, just check the comparison table and pick the package that suits you best.

Celebrate what makes you tick, and show the world how awesome of a Notion fan you are!


What are Revisions?
Revisions give you the option to request additional changes to be made, based on the delivered work.

When is the Delivery Time?
Your order will be complete and emailed to you either 3-5 Days after submitting your details and completing the payment - depending on which package you choose.

What is Icon Transparency?
Icon transparency is the version of the avatar without any background color.

What does Vectorized Image mean?
Raster files get fuzzier the more you zoom in, whereas a vectorized images stays sharp and can scale without loosing quality.

What is a High Resolution avatar?
High resolution means your avatar will be exported at 3000x3000 resolution, as apposed to the standard 800x800 resolution.

Do I need Commercial Licensing?
If you plan on using your avatar for business purposes and would like to display it on your website or book, a commercial license gives the rights to use the design anywhere you'd like without requiring attribution.

What is a Source File?
A source file is the original editable file your avatar was made in.

How do I get my Avatar?
After your order is received along with your uploaded picture, Eloise will send a confirmation email. She will send through your avatar drawing once completed for your review and adjustment requests, depending on the number of revisions in your package. Once your avatar is confirmed, she will prepare your final files & license agreement and send them to you.