Crypto tracker notion template. Bit coin symbol.
Crypto tracker dashboard in Notion.
List of crypto currencies in digital database.
Crypto rading orders listed in system.

Crypto Tracker

⚡️ Minimal template to track all your Crypto in one place. Shows how much you invested, its current value & returns⚡
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Crypto tracker notion template. Bit coin symbol.

Crypto Tracker


✅ Simple tracker to manage all your cryptos in one place

✅ Add your orders to track history and notes for your buy/sell decisions

✅ View current holdings per crypto after you enter buy/sell orders

Along with Holdings, details like Total Bought, Total Sold, Invested, Current Value and other fields are shown giving the user a clear picture of all the aspects of their investments.

✅ Get stats of your total invested and returns

✅ Add new crypto that you want to track easily

P.S. You will have to enter the last price manually for the crypto you are tracking (this part is not automated)

What is a Notion template?

A Notion template is any publicly shared page in Notion that can be duplicated.

They allow you to share your favorite workflows with the community, or duplicate other workflows that you want to use.

How do I duplicate a Notion template?

Navigate to the template you want to duplicate, choose the workspace you'd like to duplicate into from the dropdown, then hit the blue "Duplicate" button.

If you're already signed in, the template will be automatically added to your workspace.

If you're logged out or don't have a Notion account, you'll be prompted to sign in or create one first!

How do I download Notion templates?Duplicating a Notion template is the same as downloading a copy of it to your workspace. Just hit the blue "Duplicate" button and find it in your workspace's sidebar.

Brand: thekavisha

Product Type: Notion Templates

Date Published: Mar 2, 2022