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Brand Strategy Notion Guide + Template

Learn the basics of brand creation and write a brand strategy for a solid start for your business.
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Brand strategy bundle for Solopreneurs.

Brand Strategy Notion Guide + Template


The habitat of branding and personal development for solopreneurs.

You might be an enthusiastic solopreneur and prefer to write your strategy all by yourself.

Or maybe, you are a freelancer and you have a limited budget, so you search for a solution to clarify your personal goals. No matter what, this Notion Branding bundle will be a very handy tool for your first steps.

DIY Set Includes:

  • 2-Hours Video Course, Divided into 7 Chapters
  • Bullet Point Texts for Each Video
  • Notion Template to Brainstorm and Write Your Own Strategy Document (Also in downloadable PDF form version)
  • Further Readings



  • What is Branding?
  • Why Do People Buy?
  • The Role of a Brand Leader

Why Should You Stand Out as A Business Owner?

  • A Hybrid Brand Model for Solopreneurs
  • Use Your Character as a Compass
  • How to Find Your Ikigai
  • The Importance of "Daring to Dream”

Four Pillars of Branding

  • Let's Define Your Values
  • How Can You Define Your Abilities, Effectively?
  • How to Write a Strong, Mission Statement
  • How to Write a Distinct Vision Statement
  • How can you use your mission&vision in your marketing activities

Brand Archetypes

  • What are Brand Archetypes
  • The group that yearns for paradise
  • The group that brings structure to the world
  • The group that connects with others
  • The group that wants to leave a mark on the earth

Brand Naming & Brand Architecture

  • Is Naming a Brand a Creative Process?

Basic Naming Approaches

  • Special Circumstances on Naming
  • Do You Need a Brand Name as a Solopreneur or Personal Brand?
  • Brand Architecture for More Than One Brand

Brand Story

  • The Power of Storytelling
  • How to Write and Use a Brand Story

Visual Brand Identity

  • What is a visual identity?
  • What is Included in a Visual Identity Booklet?
  • Working with a Professional vs. Designing Yourself
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Date Published: Mar 29, 2022