ADHD life planner Notion workspace.

ADHD Planner

Ultimate Minimalist Digital Journal, Wellness Planner, Contact List and Task Manager To Help You Focus And Stay Present
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ADHD life planner Notion workspace.

ADHD Planner


šŸ§  If you live with ADHD, this is the perfect template to help you manage your life.

The ADHD planner is a digital life planner that will help you live your best life. The planner is a minimalist design and includes a contact list, self love journal, task manager, daily habit tracker, and morning routine checker.

This custom planner can be used as an adhd planner for adults or for any type of planning. The ADHD Planner is the perfect way to organize your days in 2021-2022 and stay on top of your tasks.

This Notion Template will help you to focus and stay present. This is a digital life planner that is minimalist, functional, and customizable to your needs.

It includes a wellness planner, contact list and task manager to keep you on track.

šŸ‘‰šŸ¼ Stay focused and present

šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» Get your life organized

šŸ“ Capture your thoughts and ideas

This template is for you if you want to take control of your ADHD and live a more productive life.


šŸŸ¢ Focus Mode -- Add a Focus Mode to one of your projects so you can work on it distraction-free. Your "FOCUS" page will only show top priority tasks. This will help you stay on track!

šŸ“ Personal Journal - Track your mood, habits and reflect on your day. This is a great way to improve yourself every day! Add a photo each day to document your journey.

šŸ‘¬ Contact List - Keep all of your contacts in one place so you can easily communicate with them. This is great for business and personal use! Remind yourself to contact people on special occasions.

šŸ“Š Habit Tracker - Add another week with a click of a button so you can track your progress for the week. This is great for those who are trying to form new habits!

šŸ‘ Morning Routine - Keep your morning tasks on one dashboard for quick reminder. This will help you start your day productive and organized! We tend to forget the little things we need to do in the morning.

šŸ“… Projects - Create projects like "Personal", "Business", "School" or anything you like, and keep track of its progress. This is great for those who have multiple aspects to their life!

āŒš Tasks - All your To-Do items will be on this page. Connect them to a project, schedule a due date, and archive when done. This is perfect for those who want to be more organized and productive!


šŸ“ Notion is a 100% Free All-in-One Workspace and productivity app that helps you translate your creativity into usable software.

The app provides flexible dashboards full of features such as databases, tables, templates, calendars, views, reminders, and even API integration.


There are a few reasons why I think you should try Notion for this project:

  • Notion is free to use.
  • Notion has exceptional approach to displaying data via different database views.
  • Notion allows create new pages using templates which is crucial for repeating complex systems.
  • It allows me create the most complex tools without having deep knowledge of software development.
  • It is available on desktop and mobile and allows you to create infinite pages to share with teams or use personally.
  • Notion community is fantastic!

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Date Published: Apr 23, 2022