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Notion Utopia is an independent marketplace where hundreds of shoppers come to spend thousands each month buying Notion templates, dashboards and other Notion products from everyday creators.
We aim to become a true Gumroad alternative - exclusively for all things Notion.
<h4>Powerful Tools</h4>

Powerful Tools

We spared no expense to give you the best tools and custom functionality to make adding a product & getting sales feel effortless.

<h4>Dedicated Support</h4>

Dedicated Support

Whenever you need help, our creator support will be here to help. Posting quality guides & resources to help you succeed - each week.

<h4>Zero Red Tape</h4>

Zero Red Tape

Fill out the form, submit your template and start earning- that simple! You only pay a 20% commission & a $0.45 transaction fee after a sale.

Powerful Tools Made Simple

No matter how ambitious your goal, this platform has the muscle to get you there.

Affiliate Program

Customer Reviews

Email Automations

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Embeddable Products

Auto Cross-Sell

Product SEO

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Seller FAQs

Community Driven Support

We’re devoted to helping all creators succeed on our platform. That's why we provide unrivalled support & in-depth guides to help sellers thrive.
<h4>Network Channel</h4>

Network Channel

Ask questions & find answers on our Facebook group or private Slack Channel.

<h4>Seller Support</h4>

Seller Support

Reach out to our dedicated creator support by email or direct message whenever you have a question.

<h4>Detailed Guides</h4>

Detailed Guides

Learn seller best practices & get the inside scoop to level up your sales in no time.

Dedicated Guides for Sellers

How to Get Affiliate Product Links - Tutorial

How to Get Affiliate Product Links - Tutorial

Write Product Copy That Sells - Tutorial

Write Product Copy That Sells - Tutorial

Submitting Your First Product - Tutorial

Submitting Your First Product - Tutorial

Straightforward & Transparent Payouts

All our payments are processed through PayPal and integrated into our vendor app.
This allows you to withdraw directly through your vendor account at the end of each month.

*We do not currently support Canadian Paypal, but we will shortly.

Meet Our Growing Creator Base

Alejandra Cienfuegos

"I build products in Notion | Notion Ambassador | Business Consultant"

Eloise Visser

"Online Creator & Digital Illustrator 👩🏻‍🎨 Part-time Marketing Apprentice & Notion Ambassador"


"Certified Notion Consultant and creator of templates and guides for the Notion community & Notion Ambassador."

99 & Saint Claire

"Developing dope brands & helping designers become confident AF CEOs with business strategy."

Atul Anand

"Notion Templates Creator"

How To Use Notion

"I am passionate about building Notion products for you, your team, or the organization to manage, organize and collaborate using Notion."

Philipp Stelzel

"I am creating digital products for the ones who think outside the box. The ones who have the courage to follow their dreams in a chaotic world: Freelancers, content creators, small businesses."

Landmark Labs

"No-code building blocks for solo & freelance businesses."


"Engineering Student, and Notion Creator 🚀"


"📊 9-5: Strategy Consultant
👨🏽‍💻 5-9: Indie Creator"

NoCoder Pro

"I'm Vince, Notion ambassador, Integromat partner, also Kreacity for French Content"

Reem Magdi

"A Multipotentialite Curious Human Being, UI/UX Designer, and Digital Creator. I love Notion and I spend a fun time creating templates in it."

Yash Prakash

"Writer & Data Scientist High voltage sign| CompSci Grad student @ UofT | I write and educate with stories revolving around Lifestyle Man running| Data Science Personal computer | and Writing Closed book"


"He/ him · Software Developer · Notioneer · Building apps for Notion"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer here? Visit our Seller FAQs or send us a message on our contact page.
What do I need before signing up?

To get started on Notion Utopia, you must have a PayPal account outside of Canada, have created at least 1 Notion-related product, and be over the legal age of 16.

How do I setup an account?

Before setting up an account, you're required to complete the Creator signup form and send your first product submission.

From there, all you need to do is set up a username & password on our vendor portal.

Within 36 hours after submitting your details, you'll receive an email from us welcoming you to the platform.

If our quality guidelines aren't met, we will decline the request and notify you within 36 hours.

Where do I submit a product?

When you're approved as a Seller on our platform, you can submit all your Notion templates and goodies through the form on the submission page.

Fill in the details and submit. Easy-peasy.

How do I receive my earnings?

Pay-outs are made in USD on the last day of each month via PayPal exclusively.

To receive your earnings, insert your PayPal email address into your vendor account and then click the withdraw option.

We also include a detailed invoice on your sales for tax submission purposes.

We'll be adding more payment provider options shortly!

What are all the fees I need to know?

All sales on our platform carry two sets of standard fees, the 20% commission fee and a $0.45 USD transaction fee.

When products get sold on promotional offers through our marketplace (20% OFF), only the remaining amount is used to calculate fees.

What Can You Sell On Notion Utopia?

Our platform only stocks the 4 mentioned product types, but we'll be happy to add just about anything related to Notion.

Sound good?