Becoming a Creator on NotionUtopia

Our marketplace aims to be the next Etsy or Gumroad but exclusively all things We as creators ourselves, built it to help other creators earn money and grow their brands.

Why Choose NotionUtopia

Our Notion marketplace platform strives to become a dedicated Gumroad and Etsy alternative
for Notion content creators, artists, developers and anyone in-between.
If you create goodies for Notion, you can sell those goodies right here – using NotionUtopia.
With us, you can sell to fastest growing community, build your audience and take your brand to new heights – in one spot.

Here's some benefits of selling on NotionUtopia:

Dedicated Support Team

Zero Monthly Membership Fees

Monthly Secure Payouts

Unlimited Product Submissions

Customizable Creator Profile

Built-in Conversion Optimization

Become a Creator

Have you created some unique Notion-based goodies & you want to start earning more revenue?

Then, NotionUtopia is the perfect all-in-one solution you've been looking for.

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How do I create a Creator profile?

To recieve a creator account, you must complete the form found in our Creator signup page.

After we've reviewed your request and our team verifies it, you'll recieve an email from us confirming your request and be redirected to our creator portal to create a username and password.

Once we've activated your account, you'll get access to your very own dashboard.

What's included in my dashboard?

1. A commission tracking page

2. A products page to view your posted Notion goodies

3. Payouts page to view transaction history

4. Account settings page to insert your PayPal info

How do I submit a product to NotionUtopia?

After you've been approved as a Creator on NotionUtopia, you'll receive an email with a link to the submission page. Fill in the details and submit. Easy-peasy.

How many products can I submit?

You can submit as many products as you'd want! We'll then review each product submitted to ensure it meets our requirements and matches our guidelines.

Do you charge a commission fee?

Yes, we do. We charge a 20% commission for all products and a transaction fee of 0.45 USD to cover our payment provider costs.

How do Creators pay-outs work?

Creators receive a pay-out at the end of every month with a detailed invoice from us. Payouts are done using our payment provider - Paypal, exclusively.

We'll be adding more payment provider options shortly. We're current building an autuomation that'll allow creators to directly withdraw their earnings from their dashboard.