Why We Built NotionUtopia

Since we started using Notion about a year ago, we've been obsessed with everything that platform can do. The more time we spent using Notion, the more we started networking with other users from all around the world. We've building NotionUtopia for everyday Notion users who share our passion. Whether you use Notion for productivity, your freelance career, business or as a means of income, we want to amplify your experience with this platform.

Our Mission

  • Premium Products

    Hundreds of quality Notion templates, icons, illustrations and more!
    All handpicked by our team.

  • Amazing Experiences

    Finding solutions to problem or generating revenue from a products
    never felt so easy and effortless.

  • Quality Resources

    Dozens of step-by-step video tutorials, curated articles
    and guides to help you solve any Notion-based obsticle.