About Us

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Since we started using Notion about a year ago, we've been obsessed with everything that platform can do. We've building Notion Utopia for everyday Notion users who share our passion. Whether you use Notion for productivity, your freelance career, business or as a means of income, we want to amplify your experience with this platform.

New to Notion?Β 


Few things frustrate us more than wasting hours searching through Google looking for a unique Notion template, just to stare at a horrible UI with ridicously slow loading speeds.

We strive to remove every hurdle and provide the best user experience to help you find whatever your looking for within the touch of a button.

A truly unified platform that actually cares about it's shoppers and encourages exploration.


Having created and sold templates and dashboards across all other marketplaces, we know just how hard it can be to make your first dollar online.

Big online marketplaces and affiliate platforms provide no upfront value to help new Notion creators scale their new brand amd we knew that something had to be done.

That's why we've taken all the steps to provide any creator who wants to Sell on Notion Utopia with every tool and resource they'd need supercharge their growth.

Saving them hours each day generating sales and leads on autopilot.


Whether your looking to shop, browse freebies or read some notion blogs - we've got you covered!


Got more questions or looking for more info?

Head over to our Shopper FAQs page or Contact us directly if you need help.

I’m ready to shop. How does it work?

All products are hosted directly on our platform.

SImply add a product to your cart, checkout using PayPal and then you'll receive an PDF with a link to your newly bought product.

If your looking pre-built dashboards, check out our Marketplace.

How do I become an Seller?

If you create Notion templates, learn more on how to Sell on Notion Utopia.

How can I promote Notion Utopia?

Tell your friends, family and share it with your followers.

If you have a blog, or large social media presence you should consider becoming an affiliate.