Custom Notion Avatars

Full Access Pass To Instant Community - Getting a Notion avatar is like a 'badge of honour' for many people in the notion community.

Creates instant comradery with anyone inside the Notion community, connecting you with other users you can get to know and share experiences with and peaks curiosity for anyone outside the Notion community, getting the people interested in you and what you’re about.

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How to get a custom Notion Avatar?

Notion Avatar

Want a custom Notion-style, black and white avatar to spice up your workspace?
Here's how you can get your very own.

1. Select a package
Read through the product details, compare the different features and choose the package that suits your needs best.

2. Upload your picture
Submit a portrait image that best displays the features and facial detail you'd like to see in the avatar.

3. Place an order
Simply add the package to your cart, proceed to check out, insert your details and complete order.

4. Confirm purchase
Eloise will personally contact you within 24 hours after your purchase was made to confirm your order and verify that the picture(s) were received.

5. Review Draft
Once the first draft has been completed it will be sent to you via your platform of choice to review and request the adjustments needed to meet your specifications.
Afterwards, the changes will be made by Eloise and completed within 24 hours.

6. Receive Avatar
You will receive an email from Eloise that includes a ZIP folder which contains all your avatar files.


Can I add custom accessories?

Yes, you can. I’m can add small personalisations like glasses or hats. Simply add a note with your order and I'll contact you if there's an issue with the request.

Can I order multiple avatars at once?

Yes, you can order as many as you'd need. Use the "Avatar for Teams" package, select your quantity and once I've received it I'll contact you to collect all the images for each avatar.

Which Avatar Package Is Right For Me?

I hand draw each avatar order and then recreate it digitally in vector format to insure a high quality image that can seamlessly integrate into your digital workspaces. This way I ensure everyone will receive a high quality personal avatar.
The differences in each package is targetted at your design, licensing, and delivery needs. Everyone can enjoy the experience of having a custom made Notion-style avatar, just check the comparison table and pick the package that suits you best.